Frisbee–The “utlimate” team sport

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Frisbee–The “utlimate” team sport

Caley Donovan, The Eagle Senior Writer

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i’m sure that everyone in school heard the announcements earlier this year about ultimate frisbee and its intrepid captains, Dan Goldstein and Rina Matsuda. I had the opportunity to talk with the two frisbee afficionados recently to get the scoop on their teams for the coming season and their thoughts on the sport they love.

Rina, the girls team captain, has been playing frisbee for fun since middle school and on a team since her freshman year. Meanwhile, Daniel says that he has been an ultimate frisbee player for, “well, I’m going to say 4 years..maybe 5.” Dan started the ultimate frisbee program for boys at Obama and Rina has continued the girls legacy, which was begun by Anna Maddama.

“No one else was going to step up,” she says.

Dan started the program so that he too could play, and he knows that playing the roles of organizer, coach and player often is problematic. Still, this year should be different. “We have a coach for the first time this year,” he adds.

Rina also has known the difficulties of wearing so many hats and like the boys, the team struggled this year. “You don’t want to know,” she says. “Let’s just say that we’ll be better this year.”

Both teams will undoubtedly improve this year under the guidance of the two “fris-geeks” (Rina’s term). Dan says, “I try to be a leader for my team, not only in the sport aspect but in conditioning, as well.” For her part, Rina works to get the team motivated and excited about frisbee. She describes the model frisbee player as “someone who is committed and one that I can count on to be involved.” She adds, “Sure, it would be great if they were amazing players, but that would come second to being committed.”

Both teams are under way, with the girls already notching an impressive win and the boys showing great potential.

I asked Dan about his favorite aspect of frisbee and he was quick with an answer: “It really is the ultimate team sport.”


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