One young man’s passion spurs ‘Ultimate Frisbee Team’ at Obama

One young mans passion spurs Ultimate Frisbee Team at Obama

Here at Obama Academy, we have many seniors, but one senior stands out from the rest and his name is Dan Goldstein.

Dan has a story that is not like no other. While a freshman during the 2009-10 school year, Dan founded the Obama Academy Ultimate Frisbee Team. He acts as Manager and Treasurer even today,  as well. He gave me various details about the sport. “It’s a team sport, 7 on 7 on a 110 yard field.” He also mentioned that the game is played to 15 points, and once the player who has the Frisbee catches it, they cannot move, only pass. Oh, and one other amazing fact:“There are no refs” Dan added.

In Ultimate, there are two different leagues that school teams play in. There is Division 1, and Division 2. The league is governed by Pittsburgh High School Ultimate League (PSUL). There are 40 different teams that play in the league, both boys and girls. “We practice at CMU Campus on Saturdays”. Dan said. They have no home field, but the team has played at Mellon Park, and Frick Park. Dan played for Allderdice during the winter league.

When asked about which player will become Captain after he graduates,  Dan mentioned a freshman call Sea-Bass. “I didn’t expect that from a freshman, he’s a great player/handler.” Dan himself is a handler, a player that throws the disk to other players mostly. Dan also seems impressed with Mikah Bynum.

And Dan knows the sport of Ultimate. He’d like for it to become an olympic sport and can ramble off universities that have great programs as well as the names of great players. “Brodi Smith is my favorite player, he plays for Florida.” Perhaps this all started at an early age for Dan, as his mom played it as a child.

Dan plans on attending University of Colorado for Ultimate. “They are ranked 9th in the country. “ Ultimate is the perfect sport for the Olympics”. Dan concluded