Just short again: Undefeated season ends at the championship game. Boys lose to ‘Dice, 55-54

courtesy of Pittsburgh Tribune Review

Passion Peoples, The Eagle Staff Reporter

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The Obama Eagles took on the Allderdice Dragons at Obama for the 2014 City League Championship. This was the biggest game of the season and it was certainly something you didn’t want to miss. Unfortunately the undefeated Eagles lost their first and only game of the season by one point.
The game started off with Allderdice winning the tip-off and the first to put points on the score board. The game was very intense from the start. The teams were neck and neck then Dice took on the lead in the first quarter. The second quarter started off with the score being 8-23 Dice.
During the first half everyone was playing a great game. Each team was pressing, playing man to man defense and doing everything they could to get points on the board. DJ Porter #20 was on fire. He was playing great defense and taking it to the rack whenever he had the chance. He also made every one of his free-throws. James #34 and Calique #1 were also a big help. They showed great teamwork and had a great deal of turnovers.
During the second half Obama came back and was in the lead by eight. They were doing well until the Dragons caught up and they started trading points. This is when fouls start coming into play and put Dice in the lead. Then we got the rebound and Allen hit a three pointer and put them back up with the trading going on for a while.
It was fourth quarter and the scoreboard was all tied up. During the last eight minutes everything counted. Then the Dragons took the lead. Then the Eagles came right back and took a lead making the score 52-46. Obama got a couple fouls and somehow the two teams were tied with about two minutes left. Each team then scored and it was 54-54. Another foul shot put the Dragons in the lead 54-55, this time for good. It was one minute left and Allderdice had the ball. They stalled for a while so that when Eagles got the ball there would be no time for them to score. With seconds left the Eagles had the ball, tried to score but failed and the new City League Champions were the Allderdice Dragons. They beat the undefeated Obama Eagles Boy Basketball team.

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