Akrie explains the baseball situation

Rashawn Edmundson, For the Eagle Online

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“Our season has been okay”. Mellow words from junior baseball player for the Obama Eagles Joel Akrie describe the season so far. The team has a record of 2-3. Although that record does not sound good on paper, it is because of the new WPIAL competition they face. The team is used to playing only PPS city league teams like Westinghouse, Perry, and Allderdice. On the bright side they are 2-0 against city teams which leaves them at 0-3 against WPIAL teams.
On a personal level, Joel Akrie says he has been playing well this year. He is trying to take more steps to improving his game. His is the current center fielder, but can also play 1st base and any other outfield position. He promises to get better personally, especially on hitting because that is his weakness. The summer workouts he plans to attend will help him a lot and help the team out next year. He will attend workouts at Slippery Rock and Kent State. All of this is preparing him to move towards his dream colleges, the University of Southern Florida and North Carolina.
As the team moves on they also reflect on what to do next. “It’s going to take dedication”, explains Joel. He feels the team needs dedication from coaches as well as players. With that dedication, their practice will make perfect. Another problem that plagues the team is practice. When they can use the gym they have to share it and they have no facility to hone the skills to get better.

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