Boys’ Ultimate Frisbee!

Levi Brown, Reporter

One of the three Obama Ultimate Frisbee team captains Sebastian (Archer) Tomasits was interviewed about what it is like playing Ultimate Frisbee. He wants students to know that it is “not too late to join the team” as he is looking for people to be team captains after he leaves the Eagle’s Nest.

Q: When was the Obama Ultimate Frisbee club formed?

A: It was formed by Dan Goldstein in 2009, I believe that he basically started it from nothing and made connections on his own and recruited people from above his class as a freshman. He might have coached the team on his own.

Q: Who are the team captains?

A: Me, Isaiah Moran, and Saul Bezner.

Q: Does the club have a home field?

A: We play down in Morningside at Hath’s Field.

Q: How long have you been doing Ultimate Frisbee?

A: I think it’s been since the seventh grade, so four years.

Q: Why did you decide to get into Ultimate Frisbee?

A: I went to Summerdreamers and they had that there and for the beginning of the year I had no club. So I thought I would try that and then I got really interested in it because our coaches were young people and I could connect with them it was really fun and it “clicked” with me.

Q: Are there any positions in Ultimate Frisbee?

A: There is the handler, they’re like the quarterback, and then there is the midfielder they’re like pistons because they run back and forth in the middle of the field. Then there are the defenders who are in the back and stand there. You can play different offences for handlers. Usually fast and tall people play defenders, last year Nick and Yoko played defenders.

Q: Do you play city schools & other School Districts?

A: The only city school we really play is CAPA. The other schools are Shadyside Academy & Fox Chapel.

Q: Do you plan on playing Ultimate Frisbee in college?

A: I thought about it. It all depends on the time I have. Pitt has a really good team. One of my coaches will be playing on the first US Olympic team for Ultimate Frisbee too.

Q: Do you know your first match?

A: March 16th, I don’t remember who it is facing though.

Q: Anything you want people to know about the club?

A: It’s not too late to join the team, and once it is too late you can always start next year because I’m still looking for people to take over when I leave. Right now, I’m looking at Isaac Winegard when I leave as team captain.