Girl’s Ultimate Frisbee Season Finale

Girl’s Ultimate Frisbee
Written by: Rhonna Ly

The Girls’ Ultimate Frisbee team took on the season with new members and fresh optimism. Although half of the team was introduced to the sport this year, the team had fun to the max. Captains, Rosa Vitti and Olivia Perfetti led the team with three years under their belt. Ivy Ryan and Miriam Levenson handled the Frisbee in a way that allowed for all the players to connect and understand the plays. This ultimately allowed for progress around the field. This year was also the best skill wise. Juniors, Mikayla and Nessa made beautiful cuts along with the new members Sarah Parker, Sidony Ridge, and Rhonna Ly. Jahlia Finney and Lucy Newman upped the ante with their excellent skill of defense.
All in all, the Girls’ Ultimate Frisbee team showed various skills in throws such as the backhand, the flick, the hammer, and some low release throws. Each and every girl showed great sportsmanship. Ultimately, the team thrived together with quality team work, a determined attitude, and creative cheers.

Some seniors say goodbye in their last year of Ultimate Frisbee:
“It’s a great experience and example of teamwork and overall comradery” – Sidony Ridge
“It was a great way for me to end my senior year having fun with my teammates and learning a new sport” –Sarah Parker
“This year was awesome! I loved every single moment of it, whether it was at practice, a game, in the car, it was just amazing. The girls made it one of my best years of ultimate ever, and I’m genuinely impressed and proud of how we’ve done. The genuine atmosphere of the team made playing so much more fun.”