NBA Playoff Recap

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There aren’t too many ways to analyze how these conference finals have gone in the NBA playoffs other than embarrassing. Even though it has only been two games for the eastern and western rounds,  two underdogs have similarly lost their best players in the likes of Kawhi Leonard of the Spurs and Isaiah Thomas of the Celtics, and the MVPs on the other side have been taking advantage (Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry). Many NBA fans are upset at the lack of competition. Both the Spurs and Celtics had to win game 7 just to make it to play these almost Goliath-like oppositions, while the Warriors and Cavaliers have yet to lose a game in the postseason. The margins of victory have been unethical with the Warriors winning by 36, and the Cavaliers winning by 44. At this point, it feels almost destined that Lebron James and Cleveland will meet against Steph Curry and the best offense of the Golden State Warriors in a soon to be 3rd NBA finals rematch.

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NBA Playoff Recap