What Makes a Good Teacher? 4 Students Try to Define.

Teona Andrews

What does it take to be a great teacher? It’s the age old question and everyone seems to have an opinion. Some students think it is the “push-over” type–the teachers who let things slide, who give answers to students during quizzes. This idea does not thrill Alisha Brown, Ean Quick, Trevor Brown or Alex Bowens. Each has a different idea.

Alisha described a good teacher as ” someone that listens to students, has discipline, is nice enough to understand why a kid misbehaves and also is caring.”

Ean agreed, saying, “A good teacher is someone that can control a class but still keep it open for discussion.”

Trevor described a good teacher as someone that ” has a good personality, great discipline, an open mind like (middle school English teacher) Mrs.Green and sense like Mr.Chapman.”

Alex went one step further, saying that “good teachers are the ones that you know care about kids and teach clearly by explaining the lesson so everyone can understand, like Mr.Kocur and Mr.Denlinger.”

I turned the tables and asked teachers about the qualities of good teachers. Like the students, each had similar answers.

Mrs.Green said, “I’m a loving disciplinarian with a strong emphasis on academic rigor.

Mr.Kocur added, “I just like kids. My role is to help students move forward. I always try to understand where a teenager is coming from and how hard it is these days.”

Mr.Denlinger said, “Teaching is more than what it seems, so I try to build relationships by using humor and I try to identify with the kids.”

What makes a great teacher? While one hundred people may seem to give one hundred different answers, it all seems to come down to being real.