Ach du lieber! German students celebrate the German spirit!

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Ach du lieber! German students celebrate the German spirit!

Dynae Shaw

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            Every year, there’s a major event that our German students look forward to. Of course, it’s German Day! It is a day where a variety of school districts come together and perform skits and enter contests all around the idea of keeping the German spirit alive. And this year, the spirit was definitely there, well at least for—and from– Obama Academy.

Obama’s German Day participants kicked… some serious butt yesterday, March 17th at Washington and Jefferson College. They placed in almost every category they competed in. They placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the most intense competitions of the day. Their most exciting performances were the rap and play categories. The rap was about Germany and was titled “Wir Sind Deutschland” (We are Germany). The entrance of the performance was a train station re-enactment and then everyone came together singing “Oley, Oley” at which point Daniel Goldstein stroked the drums and dropped the beat, followed by the dancing and singing of all of the participants.

 The other big hit performance was the play, which kind of resembled the Gingerbread Man, but instead of the gingerbread man the main character was a pancake. The pancake was played by Tobias Rather in an IHOP costume. It was quite a sight and even Tobias himself couldn’t hold back laughter.

The audience at German day was very respectful. Everyone cheered their competitors on and gave compliments to extraordinary performers. Herr Harger was very proud of his students and said “Great job, I couldn’t have asked for a better performance!” Way to go Obama German Students! 


Drama–3rd Place

Music–2nd Place

2nd Place Fiction—dan Kusbit

1st Place Non-Fiction–Luke Brunsvold

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