April HS Student Focus II—Kelah Cash

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April HS Student Focus II—Kelah Cash

Alex Bowens

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Kelah Cash is a wonderful student with goals; she practically reaches for the stars. She is a talented athlete with a great future in front of her. That’s why she is one of our April High School Student Focus selections and someone you should definitely hear about.

Alex: What are your favorite classes?

Kelah: I like English with Ms. Wilson ,definitely. In Ms. Sharif class I’m doing percussion and my Spanish class with Ms. Shaffer.

Alex: Why do you think you have done well academically?

Kelah: My parents are the reason why I have done well in my academics and they are always pushing me and on me when I get anything less than a B.

Alex: What are your goals for college now?

Kelah: I want my masters or my doctorate, and I want to major in visual arts or theater.

Alex: Theater? Why didn’t you try out for the musical?

Kelah: Because of my athletics.

Alex: Do you have any goals for what you want your profession to be?

Kelah: Of course! I want to be a professional basketball player, an author, a news reporter, an actress, and/or to create anime. When I was younger, I was set in what I wanted to be when I grew, up but once I was in high school I became open to more options.

Alex: What sports do you play in school?

Kelah: Basketball and track.

Alex: What would you say are your favorite sports are so far?

Kelah: Basketball, I have always been in love with it, I’m happy when I’m playing and I am just more dedicated to it.

Alex: Wow! You make it sound like a boyfriend, Cash. What do you do outside of school?

Kelah: I am in the Mayors Youth Council, National Achievers Society, and Urban League Achievers Society. My parents are thrilled that I am a part of them but there is still that constant reminder of my grades.

Alex: Have you enjoyed the IB experience so far?

Kelah: It’s somewhat stressful but it is a challenge that I must step up to.

Kelah is a wonderful student and individual. She is a high achiever and someone who is friendly and caring. Her future is bright and she’s a great part of Obama.

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