HS Student Focus: Obama Business Leader Karlissia Council

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HS Student Focus: Obama Business Leader Karlissia Council

Shelby Campbell

Shelby Campbell

Shelby Campbell

Shelby Campbell, The Eagle editor

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As she munched on some pretzels, I had the chance to have a chat with the creative business woman, Karlissia Council. Karlissia has started a duct tape business with in the school. In her business she pretty much creates items like flower pens and wallets. She hopes to expand her range of skill and items to make things like belts.

Q: Tell me about how you got started in making duct tape objects.

A: Well, I’m going on a trip to Spain with my teacher and a few others who have signed up and the money I make from selling the flowers and things is funding some of that trip.

Q: Where did you learn to make the things you sell?

A: I learned from watching YouTube videos.

Q: So, tell me more about your business.

A: Well, my business is called Crazy Duct Tape Creations – I have a Facebook page for it- and it’s pretty much exactly what it’s called, crazy duct tape creations.

Q: Alright, so, what do you make?

A: I make flower pens (daisies/roses), coin purses/pouches, ‘magic’ wallets, and regular wallets. I also take special orders for a design that can be put on the wallet or pouch. (In any color)

Q: Wow, you certainly do a lot. How difficult would you range each of your items to make and why? On a scale from one to ten.

A: The flowers would be a six and that’s because it’s pretty much just folding and arranging the folded pieces how the client wants the flower. The magic wallets would be an eight. Those wallets are pretty difficult because they’re optical illusions, so I really have to pay attention to what I’m doing. The regular wallets, I’d say they’re about a nine point five, but only because you have to have the right measurements for the duct tape fabric swatches.

Q: Okay, so what would the prices range from?

A: The flowers are $2-$3, the magic wallets are $2, the regular wallets are $5, and any additional designs are 75 cents.

Q: What special orders have you gotten?

A: Oh, well, I’ve gotten Batman, Superman, Grr, Seussical (Seuss hat, Thing 1 and Thing 2), Green Lantern, Cookie Monster, Elmo, Chum-Chum (it’s a Nick cartoon), and school mascots/symbols.

Q: Alright, well, not everyone knows you.. yet, so where can the public find you?

A: My homeroom is room 164 and you can find me on Facebook. Just look for the Crazy Duct Tape Creations page.

Q: Okay, last question; does running your own business and playing basketball while also juggling the school work interfere with you grades at all? And, if you don’t mind my asking, what is your GPA for this year so far?

A: Nope, not at all, I find it quite easy to manage everything and my GPA is around a 3.2.

Well, thanks to Karlissia Council, the school has a lot more color to it, other than the ugly walls. So, if you’re in need of a new pen or wallet, just find Karlissia and she’d be more than happy to put one together for you.