June HS Focus Student #1: Ben Junker

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June HS Focus Student #1: Ben Junker

Catherine Brown

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All school year,  we’ve featured many students and had many great stories to go along with them. Like most things, I believe that this series should go off with a bang. Ben Junker is just the guy to be the bullet in the gun.

Ben Junker, a sophomore MYP CAS student will, of course, be in IBDP next year. He’s a part of many clubs here, such as Youth in Government Club (where he was a senator), the Model UN Club and Mock Trial Club. He’s also active on our school’s sports teams, as a medalist for the swim team and key player on the 6-time city champion volleyball team as well as the water polo team.

Along with his vast involvement in sports and clubs, he’s also in a band with previous focus student Dan Goldstein. The band idea came from his love of steel drums and basically the love of the music that his parents passed down to him.

His parents also passed down money to him, so that he could buy a steel drum of his own. Together with his steel drum and drum set, and with Dan Goldstein as his musical associate, the band is what many people call unstoppable.

Academically, steel drum class is Ben’s favorite, along with AP U.S.History.

“I like this class because Mr.Naveh is really a good teacher,” he says.

Ben has a 3.9 grade point average and amazing 4.7 weighted average (he only has one ‘B’ on his transcript). Even though he does a great deal in school and out, has tremendous grades, he is still able to manage his time and hang out with friends.

At this point, Ben doesn’t really know what his future career path will be or where the road in front of him will take him. Still he says, “I’m one of those people who doesn’t need to have a job that I love.”

We have the feeling that Ben will achieve great things on anything he sets his mind to.