Obama security works hard to keep students, staff safe

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Obama security works hard to keep students, staff safe

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Our Security guards do so much for Obama and it was definitely time to give them some recognition. One of our female security guards, Ms. Cox is a hard working security guard and an all around sweet woman. She is filled with humor and she is a great person to have a conversation with. I didn’t know whether or not the conversation would be interesting, but after talking to her, I felt like I could talk to Ms. Cox for hours. Obama is beyond lucky to have such a wonderful woman working for them. I’m grateful that I got the opportunity to talk to her for a few minutes, and I also got to ask her a few questions as well.
Jasmine: What’s your real name?
Ms. Cox: My name is Robyn.
Jasmine: How does Obama compare or contrast to other schools that you’ve worked at?
Ms. Cox: Obama doesn’t have as many altercations as the other schools, so it’s just a bit different.
Jasmine: What do you do in your free time?
Ms. Cox: I am a student at the CCAC campus in Homewood. I go to school for two nights a week. I also work as a cashier part-time at Walgreens.
Jasmine: How many years have you been a security guard?
Ms. Cox: 20 years
Jasmine: Do you enjoy doing your job?
Ms. Cox: Yes, I love my job. I enjoy working with the youth and leading you all in the right direction.
Jasmine: Do you build relationships with any of the students?
Ms. Cox: I have a great relationship with all of my students. Some of the kids even call me mom or aunt.
Jasmine: What’s the most challenging thing about your job?
Ms. Cox: It is difficult making sure everyone is safe, because some students don’t understand how dangerous situations can become.
Ms. Cox left with one additional comment:“I want the students to know that when everyone leaves out of the door (after graduation), it’s every man and woman for themselves, and it is very important that you all make decisions that will keep you safe.”
By Jazmine Deakings

Meanwhile, Mr. Chisholm is also one of our security guards. Most may see him during transition sitting down at the desk right in front of the main office. He is a very calm guy and I don’t know one student that has had a situation with him. He has been a security guard for 14 years. He says our school is easy to manage compared to the other schools.

D- What’s your full name?
C- Gerard Chisholm.

D-How many years have you been a security guard?
C- 14 years

D- Do you enjoy doing your job or is it just something that pays the bills?
C- I like my job because it’s the only job that pays for beating up kids! (laughs)

D- What kind of relationship do you have with the students here?
C- I believe that keeping a good relationship with the students is the key to doing my job well.

D- What’s the most challenging thing about your job?
C- During transition it’s hard to get the students out of the hallway and into class before the late bell.

D- How does our school compare to the other schools you’ve been to?
C- Every school has their bad and good days but this one is easier to manage.

D-What do you do on your free time?
C- I watch TV and read books!

By Daija McClain

I interviewed Ms. Branch, sometimes known as “the mean security guard”. Actually she’s not mean, if you show respect! In this interview I learned that teachers aren’t just the only staff we should thank. We also need to show appreciation to the security guards. Imagine what it would be like if there wasn’t security. Well, all I see is people hanging around all day and fighting; a good name for it would be a ZOO.

Me: So what’s your first name?
Ms. Branch: “Ms. Branch”
Me: No, full name!
Ms.Branch: “It’s a secret!”
Me: Ok, well how does our school compare with other schools?
Ms. Branch: “Well, it’s very different from the old Schenley High School and there are way less fights. The kids are different nowadays!”
Me: Oh, so I wonder what you do in your free time outside of school.
Ms.Branch: I like to travel, shop, go to the movies, and go out to dinner.
Me: Oh cool, so how many years have you been a security guard?
Ms. Branch: Actually, I have been a guard for 15 years, but I have worked in a different department for two years before being a guard.
Me: Interesting! So do you enjoy your job or are you just doing it for the money?
Ms. Branch: Well it’s a little bit of both.
Me: What is the most challenging thing about your job?
Ms Branch: The most challenging is the metal detector in the morning and also getting kids to class before the bell rings.
I found Ms.Branch to be friendly and funny. She’s clearly here to help students.
By De’Shjua Rhodes
Of course, Ms. Robinson knows exactly what it’s like to have the task of making sure every student in a school is safe. She’s been working as a guard for the past 20 years at a variation of schools. These include: Gladstone, Frick, Greenway, Reizenstein, Westinghouse, Peabody, and Lincoln Middle.
She has various different ‘jobs’ to do throughout the day, like working the metal detectors, keeping order in the lunchroom and the halls and sporting events. There’s a specific schedule she has to follow every day: working the front desk during 9th and 10th grade lunch and then for the rest of the day she remains in the 11th and 12th grade hallways.
When asked, she summed her work up this way: “My job is to maintain order. My job is to secure the inside and the outside of Obama, to protect the students and staff of our school.”
By Jamill Meadows

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