November HS Student Focus: ‘Ping-ing’ around Obama and enjoying the ride

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November HS Student Focus: ‘Ping-ing’ around Obama and enjoying the ride

Rhonna Ly, The Eagle Staff Reporter

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Ping Tanapon is a seventeen year old foreign exchange student who originally is from Thailand. He plans to stay here in Pittsburgh for 10 months, later coming back to Pittsburgh when he’s an adult, and one who can speak good English. Ping received what he wanted most; more friends and learning to better his English. Most of all, he got the chance to attend Obama with its excellent curriculum. Ping says,” The education here is good but it’s hard.” He believes that best thing about Obama is that everyone is really nice and wanted to get to know him.

Starting out at Obama, he was incredibly nervous but grew to love it here. As he attends Obama, he enjoys math and physical education. Ping loves going to games because it’s fun and there’s so much paint.

Of course, there were obstacles as he started to get around in Pittsburgh. The trouble was that you can get lost in Pittsburgh but the best thing is that you can catch a bus anywhere. While Ping is in Pittsburgh, he wants to try and experience everything.

Rhonna Ly: What are some similarities and differences about Thailand and Pittsburgh?

Ping: The difference between Thailand and Pittsburgh are the weather, school and the education, and food. In Thailand, there are about 14 to 20 subjects you take. There were also strict regulations about school uniforms. There really aren’t any similarities between Thailand and Pittsburgh.

Rhonna: I know that in Thailand, it’s scorching hot so Pittsburgh’s weather is going to be different. Are you looking forward to winter?

Ping: I am not looking forward to winter. In fact, I don’t like the cold. I prefer the weather to be warm or hot.

Rhonna: Do you miss Thailand and your family?

Ping: I miss my family although I talk to them over Skype often. As I stay longer here in Pittsburgh, I miss things in Thailand. When I go back to Thailand, I’m going to really miss Pittsburgh and everyone here.

Wongareesanti Tanapon, also known as Ping, is an example of an eager student who is grateful for the chance to learn, make new friends, and be open to different environments. When he leaves Pittsburgh, he’ll never forget this wonderful experience and the people who took part in it.