Obama’s ski club is a great time

Obamas ski club is a great time

The holidays are over, but that doesn’t mean it’s not winter anymore! It’s time to think about the things you love to do when it snows. Snowball fights are great, but few things can compete with Ski Club.

Obama’s Ski Club’s takes advantage of the winter weather by going skiing at Seven Springs! Here’s what you need to know.

Ski Club doesn’t go skiing every week- at least, not our school’s club. Ski tickets are very expensive, and with funding for extra-curricular activities in public schools already very low, students do have to pay the majority of the expenses. However, don’t let this stop you from joining next year! Start saving.

Snowboarders are welcome! Seven Springs allows both skiers and boarders, so don’t worry if you prefer one board instead of two.

Although ski club almost always meets on Friday afternoons, it’s still sometimes crowded. This is because most of the other schools with a ski club also go to Seven Springs on Fridays. Long ski-lift lines are worth it, though.

Apart from being a great way to practice your skills (or learn some), ski club is a great way to see your friends from other schools, the biggest one being Allderdice, of course. For those of you without grudges, on overlapping trips you can meet up with some of the friends you don’t see every day. For those of you who can’t ignore the rivalry, don’t worry! The schools take separate buses.

You may have seen the coach bus parked outside the building a couple weeks ago- that’s our ride to Seven Springs. It’s not as fancy as a limousine- maybe more like an airplane- but it’s much better than a school bus! It even has foot rests.

The next ski trip will be on Friday, February 10th after school. See Mrs. Hodge if you’re interested!