Top Student News ’11-’12: Joseph Kony: International Outlaw

Shelby Campbell, The Eagle Executive Editor

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Many of you may not be aware of what is happening right outside your front door, I mean, I know I wasn’t…until I did. Many of you may not have a clue about what’s happening inAfricaand is spreading..

I know I didn’t…but now I do.

To be straight forward, a man named Joseph Kony has been abducting children as young as five years old and turning them into child soldiers and sex slaves. But, that’s not even the worst of it, as  Kony forces these children to mutilate people’s faces, brutally murder their parents, kill entire villages, and he’s been doing it for more than 20 YEARS.

Until now, people had no idea what was happening in other countries and they didn’t care. But, with all of our social networking sites the world is more connected than ever and his crimes are known worldwide.

However, our country didn’t even get involved until last year thanks to the passion of a group called TRI. The U.S sent troops in to help the Ugandan soldiers track Kony and arrest him, but because Kony has changed his tactics, it’s that much harder to find and stop him.

But, with the fading interest of the public and quite frankly our ignorance, our country is in the position to remove the help which would lead to hundreds of thousands of children to becoming child soldiers and sex slaves. So, the only way to keep our government’s interest in saving the invisible children is to prove that we KNOW who Kony is and we want him STOPPED NOW. How do we do that? Well, TRI has something called the Starter Kit which has everything you need to help; posters, two bracelets, and other things to help spread the word that Joseph Kony must be stopped. If this article isn’t enough to show you how horrible this man is then please (yes, I know I actually said please) go to youtube and watch the video from TRI, it explains everything.

If you can’t afford to donate or buy the starter kit then make your own posters, blow it up on facebook, tumblr, twitter! And on April 20th of this year, go out from dusk until dawn and cover your neighborhood in posters to help bring Kony to justice.

No child should have to live in fear of being abducted or killed, so do what you can. I know darn well I’m going to do EVERYTHING that I can, so tell your friends, tell their friends, and spread the word of Kony’s crimes.

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