Top Student Stories ’11-’12: Bravo Obama Drama!


Obama Academy’s “Footloose” is something to praise! If you see one of your fellow classmates wearing magic ( a orange converse pin), or a Obama Drama sweatshirt, give them a pat on the back and a “well done!”.

Some of the many things that really impressed me were the choreography, costumes, lighting, set of the production, and most importantly the energy on stage. Considering how much they’ve been practicing and the fact that this wasn’t their first show during their tour, they still gave it their all. That’s one of the hardest things about doing a production, giving it your all every time for however long. And the fact that their dance moves were very demanding of energy, they still kicked butt!

Even though I enjoyed all their musical numbers, some of my favorites were “I Can’t Stand Still”, “Holding Out For a Hero”, “Can You Find it in Your Heart”, “Mama Says (You Can’t Back Down”)”, “Almost Paradise”, and “Footloose (Finale)”. During “I Can’t Stand Still”, I was tapping my foot and feeling the rhythm, and  I absolutely loved it.  And as a girl who used to live out in the country I REALLY connected with the song “Holding Out For a Hero”, all the guys wore overalls and drove pick-up trucks…

The acting during the show was absolutely entertaining! I have to say Fletcher Jones’ character “Willard”, Naomi Purnell’s “Wendy Jo”, and Nathaniel Rabuzzi’s “Betty/Coach/Dunbar/Cop/Mr. Dillingham” were hilarious!  Fletcher’s southern accent was absolutely “dead-on!”, and he really made the character come to life.

I loved Naomi’s take as the ultimate ditz for her character “Wendy Jo”, if only she was blonde… And Than must be the fastest changer ever! It was like every scene you would see him as a totally different character, in fact two of his characters were women, seeing him dressed as a woman made my night! Even though he played many different characters throughout the show, he really made each one come alive.

The singing was incredible. Everyone from the main characters to the ensemble were amazing. And of course I absolutely loved the dancing! It was so fun seeing my friends and fellow “Obamians” dance their heart outs. Hats of to the choreographer Andre Rand Mathis who obviously did a great job, Miss Sharif-Lucas who was the Musical Director/Conductor who put together a lovely orchestra, and of course the lovely Ms McKrell who did it again…. Only under the name Obama this time.

And a quick shout out to the Student Production Staff- Aman Milliones-Roman, Asia Millender, Caley Donovan, Connor doubt, Fletcher Jones, Joseph Howell, Keyanna Taylor, Lewis Pell, Naomi Purnell, Than Rabuzzi, and TaJaya Thompson.

Great job everyone!