The first day of school—just ahead!

A nervous glance at the calendar makes you more anxious as the summer days count down to zero till the school year starts. Teenagers are half excited and the other half dreading the first day of school. Get ready for bear hugs, hard core homework, and absolutely amazing lunch food! As the first day of school comes right around the corner, keep in mind that you should just be yourself. It’s a great time to set goals for the school year and strive for it. Maybe try out for a sport or other school activities!


For those people who are a tad bit nervous for the first day of school, here’s some advice for ya: have fun and meet other people! The first day of school is a good way to start off with good impressions so start with a smile and pocketful of sunshine. This school year is bound to have some ups and downs but with the right friends, attitude, and mindset, we all can kick off school already winning!