From Madrid to Pittsburgh, Alex is liking it here

Hannah Williams, Rosa Vitti, Eagle Staff Reporters

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Can you imagine leaving your country, friends, and family for a whole year to live in a foreign country? Alex Feruiaudez is doing just that. He came all the way from Madrid, Spain to Pittsburgh and is staying for the entire school year.

Alex is 17 years old, and attending as a senior at Obama. He has been taking English for ten years and speaks some French. He is currently staying with junior, Yoka Rooney. Alex has been staying with his family since August 7th. He says the hardest part about coming here was leaving his friends, however he does like staying in America. He has visited the United States twice before, in Denver and New York. He says Pittsburgh is very similar to Madrid, but that America is more spread out than Spain. He also really likes the food and says it is similar to the food in his country. When asked the difference between American and Spanish people, he said Americans are more serious. That being said, Alex’s favorite thing about Obama is the people. Alex likes Obama but it’s easier than his school in Spain. In his Spanish school the students stay in the same room and the teachers change.

Although Alex misses his friends, he seems like he is having a good year already and is looking forward to the rest of the year!

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