Black Friday, Cyber Monday…and Powerball mania

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 Did you go out Christmas shopping on Black Friday? Did you get on the internet for cyber Monday? If you did then you are probably one of the 3.5 percent of people that went shopping on black Friday. 247 million people went holiday shopping over the weekend and spent more than 59 billion dollars on cyber Monday. That’s a 14% increase over last year. By noon cyber Monday online sales alone were up 24% from a year ago.

          Amazon processed 200 orders per sec. some customers said that the sales were fairly low. “In 1941, the holiday was actually pushed up a week after the head of federate department stores appealed to President Roosevelt to move thanksgiving to extend the holiday”. Opening door buster promotions started early for black Friday on Thursday evening. Online sales jumped more than 20% percent on black Friday. Overall the sales were decent and customers were happy but cyber Monday was a more success than black Friday.



            Do you know anyone who buys lottery tickets? Do you think it’s a waste of money and time? Millions of people every year buy lottery tickets in hopes of winning the Jackpot. After many annoyed wives ranting and plenty of money spent, someone wins the Jackpot and spends the rest of their lives on vacations and chocolate.

            Now, PowerBall is giving people the chance to win the 4th highest Jackpot in history. Some lucky person, or people, can win $425 million dollars. Even though the money would be paid annually for 29 years after the first immediate payment, the winner would be set for life. People now have a better chance of winning since the odds have gone from 1 in 195 million to 1 in 275 million.

            The PowerBall started in 1988 under the name of Lotto America, the name was changed to PowerBall in April of 1992. The jackpot has been won by over 176 people. All the winnings combined end up to be over $5 billion dollars. The Jackpot of $425 million exceeds the last record of $365 million.

Is it still a waste of time or a wise investment?

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