Hot Christmas gift ideas

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Christmas is right around the corner. It’s a time of giving and being with your family. What do you want for Christmas? There are so many things to choose from this year. You also have think about what to get for others. Sometimes people get frustrated about what to get for someone. Here’s a hint. Get someone one of the hottest gifts of the year.  

The first hot gift of the year is The Kindle Fire HD. This device is a mixture of the original Kindle eReader and the Android OS tablet. The cost of this hot item is $199.00 on Amazon; possibly the cheapest place you could purchase it.

The next hot item is The Roku 2 Streaming Player. It is the simplest way to stream movies, music, and more. It includes Pandora, Netflix, Crackle, and more. This gift costs around $79.00. They are going fast, so grab it while you can!

This next item to consider is the Kindle Paper white. It’s a very popular item, if only because of how classic it is. It’s lightweight, with a built-in light for nighttime readers, a touch screen, and a remarkable battery life. The average price is $119 to $179. This is absolutely worth buying.

If you need to find a hot gift for the little ones here’s an idea: the Leapfrog Tablet 2 is great for children. It comes with 4 learning apps that are educational and fun at the same time. Children will absolutely love this gift. It comes in pink and green. These are about $188 – a lot of money but worth the price.

And remember: a handmade gift can be just as special. Search “DIY – Do It Yourself – Gifts” on Google and you will find thousands of great ideas.

Happy Holidays, Obama High School!

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