YMAP Cooking Up Some SNACs

Michael Wimer, Obama Eagle Staff Reporter

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Mr. Reid is the 9th grade Civics teacher at Obama. Every year, the Youth Media Advocacy Program (YMAP) comes and gives the students an opportunity to speak out about something the school needs to change.

Last year, the 6th Period class decided they needed to change the lunches, thus began the Student Nutritional Advisory Council (SNAC). These students have done a lot to change; they have talked to the head of the Pittsburgh Public Food Service, Curtustine Walker and discussed their issue with school lunch. Now, they are trying to give the school a food cooking club in which locally and nationally ranked chefs would come in and teach how to cook and open eyes on the importance of nutrition. These students have done a lot of good things in this area of the school; you can be a part of it to. “All new students are welcome,” Mr. Reid said in closing.

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