Joel Macklin As The Junior Class President

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On Friday, September 20, the Obama juniors watched four of their classmates give presentations for the crown of president. Chaliese Jeter, Joel Macklin, Kayla Hitchcock, and Devaughn Spratt all ran for the position.

Chaliese Jeter has been cheerleading captain for two years, so she knows how to be hard-working, dedicated and determined.  She felt like the school needed simple changes.  The bathrooms are too dirty, the hallways aren’t very clean, and the cafeteria gets too crowded.

Joel Macklin, on the other hand, wanted to do what is best for our 2015 class by having more activities, events such as field trips, and even class pictures.  He also believes that Obama should doing more recycling.

Meanwhile, Kayla Hitchcock used her time to talk about the need for school spirit and pep rallies, because a lot of students seem to be lacking it.  “To make an example, you have to set an example.” She made note of the fact that the junior class is broken up into many little groups, and wanted to bring the class together as one.

Lastly, Devaughn Spratt talked more about his personal qualities.  He’s a member of the Obama Marching Band and has made over $1100 fundraising.  Devo’s main interest was fundraising by doing more than just selling pizza.  He wanted to have competitions, basketball tournaments, and even fashion shows.

In the end, the junior class voted Joel Macklin as president.

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