Club watch 2013: The Key club does not make keys; YAG club is not a Pittsburgh insult; and a club where they ‘throw wheels’

Saul Bezner, Lynne Laffey, Devaughn Hester and Jada Holtz

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Key Club–

Run by Ms. Papale, the Key Club is all about raising money as well as other things, such as donations of canned food or clothes. These fundraisers are then donated to homeless kids and adults. The Key Club currently has twelve working members but is asking for more volunteers. Once their number increases to fifteen they can become an official sponsored club.

While watching their meetings we learned that they are having bake sales this week for donations to the homeless. The Key Club is a wonderful way to give back and feel great about it so, if interested, visit one of their next meetings and make a difference.

by Saul Bezner and Lynne Laffey


Youth and Government Club–

The Barack Obama Academy’s Youth and Government Club is led by senior Ean Quick and junior Rohun Joseph.  Robert Pell and Ben Friedman (also seniors) play major roles in this school organization, that just took part in an elections convention a couple of weekends ago in Homer City.

In their recent meetings the club discussed fundraising for various club activities, calendar and hoagie sales.  The club communicates via email listings and facebook groups.  They also discussed the case common wealth of PA Appellant v. Stanley Gum.

by Devaughn Hester


Wheel Throwing Club–

In Wheel Throwing & Extended Studio Club, held by Ms. Hetrick, students can finish projects they started in class and they can use the pottery wheel as well.  The club lasts until 3:15, in case students need extra time to finish their work.

The club is a delightful way to explore artistic interests or to discover the artist in you that you never really knew you had.

And no, no one is actually throwing wheels around the classroom.

by Jada Holtz

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