What Are You Doing This Summer?

Allie Rose, Obama EagleStaff Reporter

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23 French and Spanish students are taking a trip to Madrid, Barcelona, and Paris! This opportunity allows them to explore the streets of these foreign cities, go shopping, tour the beaches (if any), and snap as many pictures as they want. Originally there were separate trips for each language, but this year the foreign teachers decides to merge because, according to French teacher Ms. Kantz, “taking the kids to all three places will be a new and exciting experience.”

While Mr. Roa and Ms. Kantz are sure that things will go well, many students are less confidence with their skills. One student, Naomi Allen, is nervous to test her Spanish in the real world. Among other students, such as Conner Claussen, they wanted to stay a little longer and so decided to sign up for the exchange program. This program gives them the opportunity to stay with a host family for three weeks, in order to learn about the lives of ordinary German people. No matter how exciting this experience will be, it is still a scary one to think about.

However, recently the students have done many fundraisers so the trip is sure to be a great success. Anyone wishing to know more information should speak to the language teachers.

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