Youth and Government Shines at Harrisburg

Emoni Jones, Obama Eagle Staff Reporter

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The group of students that participated in Youth and Government did extremely well at the Model Legislative session in Harrisburg. This is what the head of the Youth and Government club at Obama had to say:

Q: Can you describe what your YAG group was doing in Harrisburg?

A: We have 45 students from Obama and they go to the capitol building. And 400 students from across Pennsylvania participate in mock legislative session. So students play the role of legislators like judges, lawyers and a press corps.

Q: What did Obama students do?

A:  They did great. We are one of the strongest delegations in the state. We had 7 students that were Committee Chairs. We had two Supreme Court justices. And they all performed great.

Q: What role do Obama students play for the state?

A: Mainly lawyers, judges, and press corps.

Q: Why do kids get involved with YAG?

A: they get involved I think because it’s fun to debate and learn how the government works. They learn current issues. It also gives the opportunity to meet other kids. I think it looks good on a college application.

Q: What were your feelings about how the group did in Harrisburg?

A:I think they did great. I am extremely proud of them. They are talented students. They learned a lot. They were also taken to Gettysburg.

                As a result of the Youth and Government trip, Sam Houser received an “Outstanding Representative” award, Ben King won a “Bill Citation” award, and Joel Macklin, Lainey Newman, and Grant Rauterkus were nominated to attend CONA (National YAG Conference) this summer. Rohun Joseph was nominated as an alternate to attend CONA. Rohun Joseph and Joel Macklin were bid for Governor and Speaker of the House.

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