Upperclassmen Visit Slippery Rock

Maya Lapp

Slippery_Rock_University_Tennis_Club_Team_LogoThe Juniors and Seniors at Obama Academy had the opportunity to visit Slippery Rock University this past week. It is the first in a series of excursions available to the upperclassmen over the course of this year. They toured the campus, checking in on the dorms, gym, and most importantly, the dining hall where several students discovered the beauty of all-you-can-eat cafeteria food and went a little overboard.

Therapeutic Recreation is a major that is growing incessantly at Slippery Rock. Forensic Sciences is another major gaining popularity in the past few years. However, Slippery Rock offers hundreds of majors to choose from, ranging from Psychology to Theater to Environmental Sciences.

Junior Damon Singleton went on the trip and said that although he doesn’t plan on applying to Slippery Rock, the trip taught him a lot and he was glad he attended. One thing he knows now is that he would certainly prefer a school in the city.

When questioned, another student said the only college on his list at the moment is Penn State. He also wasn’t particularly impressed by the campus or classes, but he is glad he went on the visit and is excited about future outings to different colleges. He is glad to be given the opportunity to widen his horizons to new schools so he has more options to apply to.

The trip also discussed scholarships available to students at Slippery Rock. Damon mentioned learning about the Grove City County Market scholarship, which is given to a student who maintains a 2.80 QPA in high school (this is similar to GPA but takes into account the difficulty and how many hours of credit are given for each class). It is generally reserved for minority students and awards up to $1,000 each year.

Although Slippery Rock doesn’t seemed to have been a big hit for Obama students this year, the trip itself has been a success. It has given students an opportunity to check out a new school and give them an idea of what campus life might be like. Students look forward to future outings and hopefully more will take advantage of this chance to explore universities around the Pittsburgh area.