Student Spotlight: Colmar Hilbrig

Ben Foster

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Spending a year away from home in a country hundreds of miles away from home is a major commitment. However, this is a trip that has been very nice for junior Colmar Hilbrig. Colmar is a foreign-exchange student from Bayreuth, Germany, and he has been enjoying his year in America so far. Colmar is being hosted by Susan and Stephan Petersen, the same people that hosted the exchange student Pauline Kempe last year.

When asked why he wanted to come to America, Colmar cites learning English as a major reason. It’s also a new experience. “I’m learning to be more independent, too,” he adds. Life in America is certainly different from life in America. “Everything is much more relaxed in Germany,” he says, before adding that he likes the people here and that everyone is nicer in America.

As far as schoolwork, Colmar says that there are some differences, even though both schools he has been to are International Baccalaureate schools. “The tests are easier here, but there are a lot more papers and assignments,” he explains. As far as extracurricular activities, Colmar plays for the Obama soccer team. He actually has not played soccer for school before this year, so he doesn’t have a point of reference to compare it to soccer in Germany, but he is enjoying it so far.

Colmar isn’t really sure what his favorite part of America is, but he says that all the stuff is nice and that he likes the burgers here. When asked about what he misses most from Germany, Colmar says “My friends, of course.” He also misses traditional German food. It’s certainly not easy to be an exchange student in another country, but Colmar says he is having a nice time in America and is looking forward to the rest of this school year.


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