Senior of the Week: Lainey Newman


Louis Schoen III, Senior Editor in Chief

Our Editors choice for Senior of the Week is……….. Lainey Newman!! Where do I start? Well to start, the editor’s seen Lainey as an outstanding person who lives to serve and lead. Lainey was chosen because of her ridiculous academic history, constent support to her school, being a resourceful peer, being chosen to intern with Mike Doyle in the past summer, being elected Youth Pennsylvania Governor, and with the most recent exciting news;  being accepted into Harvard University! Governor Newman was also apart of the 3-peat city basketball team champions; the Obama Lady Eagles. Lainey also scored a ridiculously high number on her SAT’ s and is expected to be the 2017 graduating class Valedictorian. No words can even come close to how proud the entire school is for Lainey. Knowing she completed all of these magnificent things gives hope and inspiration to her peers and underclassmen to strive to be better and do better. In conclusion we realise that Lainey is living proof of our school motto, “Nothing in life is so complicated, that it cannot be achieved by discipline and hard work”.

Knowing that you may just become our first or second female president,
Senior Editors.