Senior of the Week: BBB

Senior of the Week: BBB

The Hurricane, Writer

Ben, Ben, and Ben are the seniors of the week. None of them alone are exceptional, but Ben King, Eddings, and Eppinger all come together and are almost decent enough to attain the title of senior of the week. The three Sams are the star of this piece, the siblings of the three Bens.

Ben King may have been the junior varsity captain of the soccer team and served as Ms. McKrell’s lackey for the past 4 years, but he pales in comparison to Sam King. Sam King is better than Ben King in every way. Sam King is the best soccer player in the world right now, even though he’s in middle school. In fact, he was already offered a full ride to every college in the country because of his mad soccer skillz, many call him Messy 2.0. He is gigantic at 6’5”, and towers over Ben King. Sammy is also a mad genius; he taught Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton everything they know. Most surprisingly, Sam is single and ready to mingle; give him a call A$AP.

Ben Eddings is also a senior of the week. He is very active and a proud member of the BBB. However, he’s outshined by Sam Eddings. Sam and Ben have much in common. They both have cool hair, though Sam’s is cooler. They both play sports, though Sam is better. They both play board games, though Sam beats him every time. They both are artsy, though Sam is the better artist. Basically, Sam is the new and improved Ben Eddings. Sorry Ben.

Ben Eppinger is basically a senior, even though he supposedly graduated last year. He was supposed to repeat the 12th grade because he failed every class but managed to yeast out. Not much is known about the cave man, but who cares? Let’s get straight to the point. Sam > Ben.