Get Involved in the Obama Eagle!


Piper Walsh, Writer

Over 300 people have visited the Obama Eagle and explored the large variety of satire, news, opinions, art, and interesting articles. Obama students avidly read the Obama Eagle, and enjoy the various posts, but many don’t know that they too can get their work showcased on the website. The Obama Eagle is a forum for student work and a news center designed to get students involved.  “The Obama Eagle is a really cool place for students to get information, see other student’s work, and share their own work” says Obama Eagle editor Elena Hochheiser.

Though they may know of it, any student can submit his/her own art and writing for all to see. According to Mr. Denlinger, an IB English and journalism teacher, “I think it’s a great platform and it’s not being utilized as much as it could be, especially in the area of creative writing and art. I would really like to see more participation in these areas.” The Eagle is searching for students in the middle and high school to submit art and articles to be published on the Eagle. If you are interested in having your art and articles published speak to Mr. Denlinger, Elena Hochheiser, Sam Bisno, Louis Schoen III, or Rosa Loewenstein. Also consider joining the newspaper club next school year as a good resume builder, especially if you are planning on entering a writing based field. If you are writing one or two articles a week, or even just once or twice a month, then your writing will improve greatly and you will gain important practice.

Everyone should do something for the school paper at some point whether that involves weekly articles or sending in a piece of art. You can showcase your creativity and passion, as well as find other people who share similar interests. You can open up new topics for discussion or add on to preexisting ones. The main purpose of the Eagle is to be fun and provide students with information and entertainment as well as an opportunity to show off what unique things you can do and what information you have for the word. Writing for the Eagle is a low pressure activity, so if you are interested then you should absolutely talk to the editors whose information is on the Eagle website. Be creative, and overall, have fun.