Mrs.Joseph–MS Teacher Feature



Danielle Jackson

Barack Obama Academy English teacher Mrs. Joseph is quite a devoted woman and teacher in my eyes.  “Teaching is a way of life, it’s who I am…a teacher,” she says. Mrs.Joseph has been teaching for 26 years, divided between  13 years in a private school, and 13 here in Pittsburgh Public Schools.  She is fond of the IB program because it has so many avenues and offers each student an opportunity to succeed.

Mrs.Joseph believes that being a teacher “isn’t necessarily a talent. If you are meant to be one, then you will be driven by the passion naturally instilled in you.”  In order for you to be successful English, who you are as a person and the way you present yourself to the public in character and in speech has to be important to you.

Aside from school, Mrs. Joseph is married and has a grown daughter. She enjoys shopping, traveling, eating out, and reading.

She has some advice for anyone who wants to become a teacher: “It is not something that you think, your career choice should be your passion. Follow your heart, but STILL listen to your mind.”