Student Focus–For Karla Reed, Life Is a Never-Ending Race


Cathy Pierrotti

 Usually we know running as an exhausting sport, something that needs a lot of time and then becomes a hassle, but for Karla Reed it is more of a gift than anything else. Her busy life often has the Schenley track star and Obama junior feeling that she should be winding things down, but running keeps her motivated and relaxed. For Karla, track is a year round sport, whether she is running for Schenley or her club team.

 Q: Why do you like track?

 Karla: Track was my very first sport, and has been my favorite since I was a kid.

 Q: What motivated you to run?

 Karla: My dad was a runner, and seeing him was an inspiration. I remember the first time I saw a track meet on T.V. I said ,“Hey, I can do that,” and I did.

Q: If you were given an opportunity to run in a marathon, would you do it?

 Karla: Actually I have done marathons before, but if I had another opportunity to run,I would take it.

 Q: After High school, do you plan to be involved with track?

 Karla: Yes, hopefully. I want to try and get a scholarship for track.

 Q: Do you want a career in some area of athletics?

 Karla: First I want to reach the Olympics, but then maybe for a career become a sport  physician for athletes.

 Q: Does track help you take your mind off of things?

 Karla: Yes, it relieves my stress, and keeps me in balance.

 Q: How do you stay fit when you’re not running?

 Karla: I sometimes get out of shape, but then at some point I get back in the mood and recapture my motivation, and start running again.

 Q: Does track force you to take time out of your social life?

 Karla: Sometimes. Practice can run late or on Saturday’s, so instead of going to the mall, I run.

Q: How does running help you emotionally, physically, and mentally?

 Karla: Track keeps my emotions in balance, it keeps me healthy, and it helps with my state of mind.

  Q: What was your greatest achievement?

 Karla: My greatest achievement was getting a 52 out of the 400, and 222 out of the 800. I worked hard for that goal, and plan to work more and more every day.

Clearly, Karla’s work ethic will bring her more success, both on the track and in life. Winter time in particular must be a difficult time for track athletes to stay on pace, but Karla’s personal schedule has her training for excellence at all times. You can see Karla and her Schenley track teammates next spring.