Mrs.Gallo–November HS Teacher Feature



Kendra Davis

“Kids say silly things,” says Obama 10th grade math teacher Mrs.Gallo, “and because of that the days are always interesting” Mrs.Gallo  is the November Teacher Feature recipient and certainly, the idea that kids are unpredictable is one of the reasons she loves teaching.

Mrs.Gallo has been teaching for 11 years and if given the choice, would choose to do it all over again. When asked about her students, she says, “They change the way   I look at the world.”

Of course, math is a difficult course for students but it is also difficult to teach. Because of this, Mrs.Gallo has a motto: “Kiss. Keep it simple, sweety.” That’s good news for anyone who is not an all-star math student.

As you might imagine, Mrs.Gallo’s favorite class in high school was math, but she is also quick to point out some advice for students in her classes today: “Work hard, focus, and always have a positive attitude.”

Mrs.Gallo wanted to become a teacher because she enjoyed working with young people and seeing their perspectives on life.

In her free time, she enjoys going to Pitt games.