Like Wiz…if they could be like Wiz

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Like Wiz…if they could be like Wiz

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Schenley/Obama rappers have dreams of fame, fortune.

They write, they make beats and they DJ, they put together mix tapes, they perform, and most of all they rap!!!  They are Schenley/Obama’s  All-Star Rappers. They have rap nicknames like Dre Crawf (Kendre Crawford), Kush Wilkes (Kush Wilkerson), Trell (Raihoz Johnson), Mike P (Mike Peterson), Woo (Myron Taylor), Lady T (Taira Jackson), DJ Mafia (Sam Conturo) or perhaps they just go by their name, like Curtis Pope.


Although, they have many different styles of rap they have a lot of things in common, one of them being that they all look up to Lil Wayne and Drake as far as someone in the music industry. Certainly, the success of Pittsburgh’s (and Allderdice’s) Wiz Khalifa has given them a lot of hopes for their own careers.

They were all inspired by family and close friends and don’t take what they do as a joke.

Woo (Taylor)says,  “Rapping is a hustle, a grind, a lifestyle!” and that’s not  much different for Kush who states, “The first time I recorded, I had massive fun; I was addicted.”

Although the rappers are the main people we see in the music videos, it’s the DJ’s who play a huge part in this industry. DJ Mafia (Conturo)  is what you would call a real hard working DJ. He has been making beats since he was 6 and his love for the industry is like no other. He also takes some credit for putting rapper Mikey P (Peterson)and Woo in the rapping business.

Rappers Woo, Mikey P, Trell (Johnson), and DJ Mafia all form their own group called “H.O.D” and have already found great success, while Dre-Crawf (Crawford), Curtis Pope, and Kush Wilkes are seeking to make their success as solo artists. “Rapping could be a career, but I also have a plan B,” says Mikey P while Dre-Crawf thinks otherwise, saying, It’s a career choice  and I’m serious at what I do; it’s not a game to me.”

“I live in the studio!” is a comment we heard from all of the rappers we interviewed, but Curtis Pope is different, in that he visits only once in awhile. Yet he still has the time to make some very inspirational verses. We even had a chance to hear a verse that he recently made. Of course, just asking a rapper to free verse for you gets mixed replies, as in the case of Trell, who said, “I don’t free-style because my style isn’t free!”

Then there’s Lady T (Jackson), who does  a fine job by holding it down for all the females in this industry and repping Pittsbugh. She also stays in the studio most of her free time.


After having the wonderful opportunity of interviewing the Schenley/Obama All-Star Rappers, we learned a lot about the rappers and the rapping industry, along with what it takes to be a good…no great…wait… phenomenal rapper!!!


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