Conner the phenomenal performer


Raielle Trammell, Eagle Staff Reporter

“If I didn’t join the musical in 9th grade I wouldn’t be the Conner I am today”, senior Connor Doubt says. Thanks to Ms. McKrell and the Obama Drama Program, Conner has found his calling in life. Conner is the “front man” for Obama’s dance team and band. The Obama senior says, “I love being out front but I get nervous at times”. He loves meeting new people and the sense of family with his band mates.

His goals for this schools year are to keep his priorities straight and grades up for college. Conner is excited about his senior year, mostly about prom. After high-school he would like to attend Point Park University. He would eventually like to end up on Broadway and in the meantime he plans on being active in dance groups and playing in different parts in plays.