Something New: Chaliese Jeter makes creative use of plastic bags, wins award



Rhonna Ly, The Eagle Online Managing Editor

Picasso. Warhol. Monet. Jeter. Yeah, it has a nice ring to it. But while most of these artists are synonymous with painting, one is now synonymous with art made from plastic bags, and it was impressive enough to win an award in the Pittsburgh Public Schools annual art contest.


To be selected out of 50 different schools and 200 students is a great honor and that’s what Chaliese Jeter, a sophomore at Obama, feels like. Her art project which took about a month and a week to make was selected as one of the best projects. Chaliese was struck by inspiration when the student teacher in Mr. Dunnabeck’s class was showing examples of art projects when she saw something similar but changed it in her own perspective.

Her project is plastic bags that can be blown into the shape of a horse while a fan is underneath it. When there’s no fan underneath, it will look like garbage. She made it out of Giant Eagle bags. She did this project because it was “hard and challenging plus no one was doing that”. It’s possible to win other awards but for now her work is being selling for $100.Chaliese feels definitely talented and didn’t expect that she would be selected. Now, she’s working on her latest project of a portrait of her favorite teacher who is Mr. Kocur!