The Political Insight Of Herr Hans-Urich Klose


by Obama Eagle Staff Senior Reporter Aziaha Robinson

“Never get discouraged.  If you want to be in politics first, understand what your motive is.  Find that, hold on to it, and go forth,” says Mayor of Hamburg, Germany, Herr Hans-Urich Klose, while visiting Obama Academy as a guest speaker last Friday.  Aside from being the Mayor of Hamburg, he is in fact the Chairman of the German-American Parliamentary Group, as well as an active member of the German Bundestag.

Mayor Klose has ultimately been in politics for a total of 42 years.  Hans began simply as a member of the Democratic Party in which he comments that he was only 60% democrat, for he believes that “one cannot completely agree with everything that their party does”.  The leadership in Hamburg shifted when it was decided that younger leaders would be more efficient. Soon he was nominated to be on the Hamburg Parliament, then the Governor of Hamburg.  At the age of 37, he was elected for Mayor.

Klose spoke of a number of topics to the students ranging from German culture, economics, as well as differences between the U.S. and Germany, from age restrictions to campaign costs. Students were able to ask multiple questions and were amused at his humorous answers. The event ended simply with Klose stating how impressed he’d been with Pittsburgh as a whole and more particularly with the Obama German student body.