Eagles volleyball team wins 9th straight city crown

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Eagles volleyball team wins 9th straight city crown

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Calling it “the most dominating performance my teams have ever had,” Coach Pete Vitti’s Eagles volleyball team soared over Allderdice last night in just two games. No team scored more than 14 points against the boys in city play this season, and the team will now look to make a dent in the state playoffs, which begin next week.  Star players Connor Claussen and Ray Cascio shared some feelings about being on the team and the pursuit of volleyball later on in life.

Tell me about your season.  During the season the boys’ volleyball team played several different skill levels.  Ray Cascio brought out that when they play city teams, it’s usually a shutout game.  Meaning the boys win easily.  But when it comes to WPIAL games they usually go on for 5 sets.  Also playing WPIAL teams is good for the whole Obama team because both varsity and junior varsity plays them.  Connor Claussen adds that playing WPIAL teams gets recognition for the Obama Volleyball.  He said “We’re kind of like that young city team that nobody knows”

Anything to say about the team?  Connor and Ray both mentioned that all of the boys on the team are very dedicated.  And that they barely miss practice throughout their whole season.

Would you want to play volleyball in college?  Connor said that he would want to pursue volleyball in college.  He added that he wanted to go to a school in California.  But he also made it very clear that academics come first.  He said “as a student athlete your main focus is academics.”  He’s also interested in the Division 1 schools in California and said it would be fun to go.  Ray spoke about how his coach Mr. Vitti got him to play volleyball, and now he can’t imagine not playing.  He’s also interested in playing at a school in California.  He thinks there’s still some more progress he has to make but he wants to pursue volleyball.

Any improvement for the boys’ team? The boys’ volleyball team had a lot of freshmen and sophomores coming in this year.  So they needed to learn and get better at playing volleyball.  Right now the team has 2 seniors.  Both Connor and Ray said how the team has a good hitting line and a good offence, but when it comes to defense they could work on a few things like passing.


Also Coach Vitti answered some questions about the team, its leaders, and how championships this year would look.

How did you feel about your team this year?  The boys volleyball teams Coach Vitti said that this team was one of the best teams that he’s coached.  He also added that he enjoyed coaching them.

Who were your leaders and why?  Mr. Vitti said that they had a lot of leaders but that Connor Claussen and Ray Cascio were the teams’ main leaders because they stepped up.  Also he added that players like Rohun Joseph, Michael Wimer, and Devaughn Hester were the teams’ quiet leaders.

How does the future of your team look? Mr. Vitti believes that the boys’ volleyball team has a good future ahead of them.  There a lot of new players but they’re already getting good at volleyball.

What are your thoughts on city and states playoffsThe boys’ team is the favorite for the city championships.  But since they lost to Carrick and Alderdice before they’ll still have to work hard. “States should be interesting, if they play their best they should do well.”  While playing a suburban team Ambridge who are second in the state, our boys lost to them by two points.  So with a lot of determination states should go well.

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