Hometown High Q


Maya Lapp

This past Saturday morning a group of Obama students organized by Mr. Naveh competed in KDKA’s Hometown High Q against Penn Trafford and Winchester Thurston. Obama has participated for the past few years, and has always done well. This year the team was made up of Juniors Imani Chisom and Ben Foster and Senior Warren Adams.
The quiz team has been preparing primarily during club QRTs for the past weeks, getting ready to answer questions mainly about history, but also ranging from literature to the sciences. It was organized in five rounds, three of which were “competitive”, with Jeopardy style buzz in answers, and two of which were not competitive. In these the questions were directed at a specific team and no other group could answer.
“It was the buzzer pressing,” Imani admits, when questioned about the challenges she faced. “That was really difficult.” Ben Foster agrees. He says that their team often knew the answers to the questions, but wouldn’t be the first to buzz in, and since they couldn’t steal questions when they were answered wrong, they didn’t get much of a chance to earn points. They did very well only answering a single question incorrectly, but unfortunately their slow reactions cost them the win to Winchester.
The entire group was outfitted in purple bowties, and the greatest challenge of the competition was figuring out how to tie them correctly. Unfortunately, their adviser, Mr. Naveh, arrived instead in a purple necktie. The Penn Trafford students were outfitted in suits and ties, and although Winchester’s team “didn’t look so good”, they won, so no one could comment on their lack of style.
The showing of this competition will air on KDKA in December, if you care to tune in. Great work by the Obama Team, and hopefully next year they’ll have better luck (if everyone wears bowties) with Hometown High Q!