2015 Mardi Gras at Obama

Donald Lewis, Reporter

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It was a wonderful time at the Mardi Gras A.K.A. Fat Tuesday celebration this year. Students and families from many different schools and many different ages showed up to celebrate with us. At the door there were many tables; two of the tables had some Mardi Gras beads, coins, and masks as a tradition. There was also another table for trivia about Mardi Gras and if you got 3 questions correct won a special Mardi Gras mask. The last two tables were used for crafting masks using feathers, jewels, glitter, and color. There were even some masks that you could scrape and they would change colors. If you didn’t want to do that you can always eat some of the delicious food made by Dr. Walters himself. There was Cajun pasta, seafood gumbo, dirty rice, white rice, and jambalaya. While you ate you were able to enjoy the wonderful band playing some New Orleans jazz. Near the end of Mardi Gras the French teachers, Ms. Kantz of the high school section and Ms. Hayllar of the middle school section did a raffle and the special winners got a prize of the recipes with the ingredients and some extra trinkets. Finally, the King and Queen of Mardi Gras were chosen. This year’s king was Donald Lewis and this year’s Queen was Patience Cansler.

Seniors Donald Lewis and Patience Cansler

Seniors Donald Lewis and Patience Cansler



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