Close Game for Middle School Girl’s Volleyball

Lillian Schwartz, Middle School Reporter

In the eleventh match of the season, the Obama middle school girl’s volleyball team was up against South Brook. Although the game was a close one, Obama sadly lost. For most of the first set, both teams maintaining a tied score, with almost all of the volleys lasting five to ten seconds each. But towards the end, South Brook got ahead and ultimately won the set, 25 – 20. The second set started a lot like the first, but soon Obama started gaining points and broke the tie. As Obama climbed high above South Brook, not letting South Brook gain a point, it seemed as if Obama would win by a long shot. Unfortunately, South Brook made a comeback, decreasing the point difference until both sides were tied once again. After this lasted for a few minutes, South Brook raced ahead and won the second set, 25 – 22. Although Obama lost this game, they still hold their record for more wins than loses this year. Hopefully this won’t change!