Teacher Feature: Mr. Larva


Liam Bates

Everyone has that one teacher that understands how they think; the teacher that sticks with you for years. For me, that’s Mr. Donald Larva. As one of the Obama Academy’s newest teachers, Mr. Larva has already had a huge impact on the students. In my opinion, his teaching methods are very helpful and relatable. Recently, I got to sit down with Mr. Larva and have a non-mathematics related discussion with him. Mr. Larva teaches Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 to students in grades 7, 9, and 10. He started teaching at Obama last year. Before coming to Obama, he worked at Perry High School for 7 years, Schenley High School for 9 years, and at Knoxville Middle School for 7 years. Although Mr. Larva may be a new teacher here, he has been around for years, giving him plenty of experience to teach the students of Obama in the wonderful way that he does. He said that he enjoys teaching at Obama, and said that there are great students and great staff members. He loves the leadership here. He says that there is a “high level of support here… it’s pretty unique”. I also took some time to ask Mr. Larva about some personal things. When I asked him if he has always liked mathematics he replied, “Yes. If it didn’t require me to read, I loved it.” He also mentioned that he is heavily involved in his church, and loves outdoor activities, such as hiking. Personally, I really love having Mr. Larva as a teacher. He is very laid back, yet rigorous at the same time. He teaches in a way that my peers and I can understand and relate to. He believes that practice is instrumental in learning, especially when it comes to mathematics. On behalf of my peers as well as myself, I would like to say thank you to Mr. Larva for being such a great teacher.