Senior of the Week: Abdi


The Hurricane

Abdi, also known as Father, has been a great role model in the lives of the entire class of 2017. What makes Abdi so great is that he is able to lead our senior class to greatness and maintain a rock solid 4.0 GPA. He manages this despite carrying the burden of being their Father and simultaneously dealing with the death of Targaryan, the school mascot, inspirer, proud member of the BBB, whole milk drinker, loving husband, and Abdi’s beloved turtle.

If I, The Hurricane, were asked to describe Abdi without using the word Father, it would be excruciatingly difficult. I would either have to describe him as Dad or admit that he’s indescribably handsome. Abdi is also a math whiz (ask Mr. Miller if you have any doubts). Doug will definitely agree that Abdi’s mathematical ability surpasses all students he has ever had, by far. As a matter of fact, he has never once missed a question, ever. Even with all these amazing qualities (including a perfect SAT score and being the second student to make it into Harvard from Obama), Abdi is unbelievably humble. He never boasts about anything and never puts anyone down, no matter the situation. Fun fact: he does not tell his peers to call him Father. He did not choose that name, the name simply chose him.

Abdi is one of a kind and will continue to excel in all aspects of life.

Wanna catch a glimmer of Abdi and all his greatness? Follow him on ig @fatherlugundi or on snapchat as kinglugundi.