Senior (Citizen) of the Week: Mr. Denlinger


The Hurricane

Mr. Denlinger is a great man

Mr. Denlinger is a man’s man

Mr. Denlinger is donut man

Mr. Denlinger is a farming man


He has a mediocre farm

Farm is all he does

5 chickens, 2 sheep, one horse

But he has no cows

He has no Milk


His bbbones are bbbrittle

He has a calcium deficiency

He needs more Milk

Milk, Milk, Milk, Milk


Mr. Denlinger likes a good donut

Eats them in his pastime

Mr. Naveh smells like coconut

Coconut and lime


His name is Teddy BBBear

Short for Ted

Next time you see him

Call him Teddy BBBear


Credit to Jordan, Isaac, and the one ugly smelly kid (Eli) for giving me some dank ideas. 


“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

– Mr. Denlinger