Senior of the Week: Sarah Davis

Ryen McHenry, Writer

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This week’s senior is….Sarah Davis! Sarah Davis has attended Barack Obama Academy since 6th grade and ever since has succeeded in all her classes. Throughout her entire middle and high school academic career Sarah has maintained an impeccable academic record and receives high honor every report period. Her hobbies include painting, watching Youtube, using Tumblr, and reading. Sarah also is a musician; she has played the violin since she was little. Additionally, Sarah is an aspiring artist whose drawings and designs are realistic and incredibly depth defying. In her last year of high school, Sarah is going for the IB Diploma (which she will receive) and is deciding between attending either Carlow or Chatham University. She plans to pursue a degree in Visual Arts. There is no doubt Sarah will do well in life. With her impressive academic career and remarkable talents, we know she will soar high and go on to pursue bigger things in the future.

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