Humans of Obama: Chazzy B

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Humans of Obama: Chazzy B

Sidni Glover, Writer

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To learn more about Obama’s student body, I will be introducing a segment called Humans of Obama. The following is a brief interview with 9th grader Chazzlyn Burke (or, as she is alternatively known, Chazzy B).


Three favorite girl names?

Chelsea,  Malcolm (who said it can only be a boy’s name?), and
Chazzlyn of course.


Favorite drink and why?

Lemonade. You can drink it whenever, wherever!


If you could be any flavor of ice cream, what would it be? Why?

I would be birthday cake, because it pretty much goes with me as a person in general. You have the cake flavor, all sweet and stuff, and then out of nowhere you get those “thicc” chunks of cake batter and then the slim rainbow sprinkles.

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