Humans of Obama: Natalia Lewis

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Humans of Obama: Natalia Lewis

Sidni Glover, Writer

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For the second Humans of Obama, a series in which I conduct brief interviews with members of the Obama student body, I sat down with freshman Natalia Lewis.


What’s a fact about the last person you kissed?

Well, the last person I kissed was my boyfriend. We’ve been together since June of last year.


What’s your opinion on cheating in relationships?

I believe that cheating truly brings out a person’s true feelings and personality. You can not truly love, care, or respect a person that you’ve cheated on. I also believe that once someone cheats, they will do it again and cannot be trusted.


What’s a traumatic experience you’ve had?

I have a lot of fears, which includes bugs and anything that flies (birds, butterflies, etc.). Last year on our school bus, a huge yellow spider lived in the window by my seat. My friends would always mess with me and say, “Mr. Spider’s gonna get ya.” I would instantly get terrified and cry.

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