Humans of Obama: Jordan Myers

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Humans of Obama: Jordan Myers

Sidni Glover, Writer

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For the third installment of Humans of Obama, I chose sophomore Jordan Myers as my subject.


What’s your opinion on cigarettes?

I hate cigarettes. They are nasty. I hate holding my breath the whole time Downtown. So, kids, don’t smoke.

Have you ever farted in front of your girlfriend?

I have not farted in front of my girlfriend. Actually, I’m not really sure. If I have it must have been silent.

Would you like to have children? How many and why?

Yes, I would like children. I want two children because if I have one then it would be hard for that child to take care of me and Laura when we get old so the second one will give it some help. Also I just feel like the first child may be bored so we have to give it a counterpart.

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