Columns on The Eagle


Sam Bisno, Editor

One of the greatest hidden gems of The Eagle is its “columns” section. While several different types of articles are published each day, some authors decide to write regular pieces that are posted every now and then as part of a larger series. As a reader, you can tune in on certain days to keep up to date with your favorite columns. These are the columns currently on The Eagle:


Humans of Obama

Author: Sidni Glover

Schedule: Every Tuesday and Thursday

Humans of Obama puts the spotlight on members of the Obama student body with brief but insightful interviews.


Streets of Pittsburgh

Author: Multiple authors

Schedule: Approximately every other week

Streets of Pittsburgh highlights interesting locales of prominent streets in the city and tells readers what to expect when visiting.


Something Cool

Author: Sam Bisno

Schedule: Every other Thursday

Something Cool synthesizes little-known concepts that are sure to fascinate in a blend of humor and storytelling.


Deliciously Cheap

Author: Daevan Mangalmurti

Schedule: Approximately every other week

Deliciously Cheap recommends affordable but enjoyable foreign restaurants in Pittsburgh.


The Obama Leek

Author: Multiple authors

Schedule: Every other Friday

The Obama Leek comments on relevant world topics through comedic, satire-style pieces.


The Alternative Truth

Author: Isaac Degenholtz

Schedule: Every other Tuesday

The Alternative Truth gathers the top ten false statements made by the Trump administration every two weeks and thoroughly debunks them.


All You Need to Know About…

Author: Multiple authors

Schedule: Approximately every week

All You Need to Know About… provides detailed explanations of random yet interesting subjects from pop culture to warfare.


Interested in writing for one of these columns, or even starting your own? It’s a lot of fun, and is easier than you might imagine! Contact me at [email protected] to get involved.